Hello again!

I’m back, after a bit of a long absence. So what have I been up to?

Working on Lydia’s Story, of course, as well as the sequel to Rain of Ash! It’s my one-year publication anniversary in a few weeks, so look for there to be a sale soon!

I also had a great freelancing opportunity, and contributed a few words to one of Onyx Path Publishing‘s current projects (in my heart, they will always be White Wolf). I’ll post the link when the book comes out!

Currently, I’m also working on an article for a new magazine about interactive games, Game Wrap. I was able to interview several people about LARP and community, and am compiling the answers into an article about one of my favorite topics about gaming. If I am able, I should also be able to squeeze in an article about designing non-Western cultures in a fantasy game. The journal comes out in January of next year.

I’m also planning on participating in several panels at Wyrd Con, a convention dedicated to interactive storytelling and transmedia. I’ll be focused on, of course, games – including one workshop about games you can play at games!

I have some other things to say, not all of which are quite as positive as these updates. But that’ll be an entry for a separate time.