Why Stolen Fire?

In Greek myth, Prometheus was the Titan who always had humanity’s back. He tricked Zeus into accepting the less-delicious parts of animal sacrifices so humans could eat the better, more nutritious bits. His greatest act, however, was stealing fire.

Despite Zeus ardently forbidding humanity from receiving fire, Prometheus took pity on the cold , unhappy people. He snuck into Zeus’ throne room and stole a burning brand which he then brought to Earth as a gift. Not only was this fire what we needed to keep warm, it also allowed for innovation and the development of new technologies.

And thus does Stolen Fire take it’s inspiration; an invocation of Prometheus’ stolen gift.

Stolen Fire is  the name of the collected independent media creations of Rachel Judd. The most recent project is Rain of Ash, an urban fantasy novel which may be purchased at Smashwords or Amazon.

Currently in development is Lydia’s Story, a 2-D adventure game meant to cover the same events of Rain of Ash from the perspective of Lydia Bradshaw.