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So, how to get gabapentin online has been out for a week so far!

It’s been a pretty awesome week! I’ve made some respectable sales, and currently have five stars at Goodreads! Stolen-Fire has launched, and I’ve even gotten some new business cards! All in all, a pretty exciting time!

This past week has largely been spent on marketing – finding and contacting reviewers who are into urban fantasy and seeing if they’re interested in reviewing Rain of Ash (hello to any bloggers who have found me as a result of said marketing efforts!). Of course, if I haven’t contacted you and you’re interested in publishing a review, I’d be more than happy to assist! Just use the can u buy neurontin online form to let me know, and I’ll happily send you a review copy!

Of course, the big question is – what comes next?

The answer to that is Lydia’s Story. As you may have noticed, Stolen Fire isn’t just about books – it’s about games & transmedia as well. And that’s what Lydia’s Story will be – a 2-D adventure game, giving you the opportunity to experience the story from a different perspective. I anticipate to be able to release it in late fall 2015 for PC, Android and iOS (you know, so you can play on your e-reader!).

While Rain of Ash largely followed Gwen and her path, Lydia’s Story will, as you might guess, follow Lydia. From the fateful night she left home up until the end of Rain of Ash, you will have the chance to play as Lydia and experience her choices. Get to know Sava, Tad, Edith and even Timothy from a different perspective!

Development for Lydia’s Story begins in October!

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