Glass of Red WineRed Wine

Happy Halloween! Red Wine is a short story, released on October 31, 2014. It’s a dark little piece about blood and desire, love and cruelty.

Kate’s a successful young woman, with both love and money. Her life is missing something, though, and Kate responds by finding solace in the arms of another woman. But Liz has her own angle…

BE WARNED! This is a horror story with a few erotic elements. If same-sex relationships, graphic violence or lovers being cruel to each other makes you uncomfortable, you may not want to read “Red Wine.”

You may download the pdf by clicking on the button below, or if you prefer, read in your browser.

Intimacy Questions

A fancy red and white heartHappy Valentine’s Day! Intimacy Questions is a larp-centric ruleset released for Valentine’s Day, 2015.

Intimacy Questions removes physical contact from scenes involving character romance. Personal character information becomes an abstract mechanic, used to represent a growing closeness between characters. Intimacy Questions can be used to represent not only romance, but close platonic ties, the relationship between siblings or even used as an initiation ritual into secret societies!

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