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I know I haven’t been updating; I came across some pretty kickass freelance opportunities and have been running them down. I took advantage of this brief downtime to update the site a bit. The landing page is now a little…
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I recommend reading Part One, if you haven’t already, to get a solid idea of where I’m coming from. Part One basically deals with property issues, in which I assert that intellectual property ought to be paid for. I want…
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So here’s what’s coming up over the next few months. In case you  missed it, I released Red Wine, a sexy horror story, for Halloween. In addition, Rain of Ash is now $2.99, and has recently become available on DriveThruFiction!…
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IndieCade – Sunday My final day at IndieCade! I arrived in time to catch the panel on misogyny in the industry. This was less a panel than a community group discussion about the problem(s) and possible ways to fix it. There…
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In Greek myth, Prometheus was the Titan who always had humanity’s back. He tricked Zeus into accepting the less-delicious parts of animal sacrifices so humans could eat the better, more nutritious bits. His greatest act, however, was stealing fire. Despite…
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