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As a long-time fan of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, I’m disappointed by the announcement that he doesn’t anticipate releasing The Winds of Winter this year. However, as a transmedia creator, I find the potential in this…
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Hello Internet! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Where have I been, you might wonder? The answer is, I fell through a rabbit hole and landed in Thedas. I’ve been there the past couple months, relishing BioWare’s newest Dragon Age offering,…

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Happy Halloween, everyone! In honor of the holiday, I’m releasing “Red Wine,” a short story which is a dark little piece about blood and desire, love and cruelty. Kate’s a successful young woman, with both love and money. Her life is missing…
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In honor of Halloween, I’m happy to announce that Rain of Ash is going on sale at Smashwords! You can purchase the book here, and when prompted, enter the coupon code ‘TG27W’ for 50% off! That makes the total cost…
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So, Rain of Ash has been out for a week so far! It’s been a pretty awesome week! I’ve made some respectable sales, and currently have five stars at Goodreads! Stolen-Fire has launched, and I’ve even gotten some new business…
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