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A curious element of my life is how I often have only a few close local friends. I’ll certainly make friends with those who live nearby, but then they move. Once, over a two-year period, no less than seventeen friends moved away (in all fairness, this was in the wake of the Great Recession, and I do live in a rather expensive city).

But, of course, technology steps in to make sure a long move seems much shorter! I have a writing group which meets weekly via Google Hangout (members in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Mateo and Portland). And, because we are all nerds, we have also tried to run tabletop RPGs through Google Hangout (or, less often, Skype).

However, I’ve noticed a few problems with these games. Only one person can really speak at a time, and the sort of rules questions which require consulting the book take up even more time. Same thing with dice rolling – even using some of the plugin apps, rolling dice can also cut into play time.

And so, I am happy to announce CampFire Tales! CampFire Tales is a small tabletop role-playing game, intended to be played via Google Hangout, Skype, or another Internet chat service. CampFire Tales emphasizes narrative over mechanics. There are no stats to assign numbers to, and conflict resolution uses Effect Points rather than dice.

CampFire Tales will be released January 31 via DriveThruRPG.

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