The book cover for Rain of Ash (Project Fifteen: Book One). A young woman wearing jeans and a grey tank top holds a gun and a stake against a large moon. The text says Rachel Elisabeth Judd at the top, and the book title below.

Rain of Ash

Rain of Ash (Project Fifteen: Book One)

Three years ago, after a terrible fight with her father, Lydia Bradshaw vanished without a trace.

Her younger sister Gwen never gives up hope, though, waiting for Lydia to eventually come home.

But when Lydia finally does resurface, it’s not what Gwen expected. Lydia’s changed in her time away, in ways Gwen can barely understand. After her family home burns, Gwen gets taken in by a cadre of vampire hunters who call themselves Project Fifteen. They welcome Gwen, teaching her how to hunt and fight vampires. And Gwen embraces the opportunity to take revenge on the vampires who have hurt her family.

But not everyone is what they seem. Everyone has secrets, even Gwen. Will Gwen be able to survive her introduction into the hidden world of Project Fifteen?

Rain of Ash was released September 18th for Kindle, Nook, iPad and other e-readers. Click the links below to purchase!

Smashwords Edition

Amazon Edition


A book cover with a simple flower drawing on the cover.

Whatever you do, don’t pick sides

A Game of Tears

Several years ago, I started up a fun e-mail roleplay with John Wick, then working on promoting his newest game, Houses of the Blooded. He assumed the role of Tomas, while I adopted Ismene – two noble children playing a deadly game of romance, intrigue and murder. The rules of our game were simple: upon one of us taking a lover, the other had a season to uncover the identity of said lover and kill them. Should the lover survive a full season, a forfeit would be surrendered.

We had a lot of fun playing through these scenarios. Tomas and Ismene weren’t nice people, and their relationship was more than a little Oedipal. During this project, we even got the chance to play these characters at a few live events!

When the story concluded, John collected all these stories and published them. The book contains the edited versions of our blog posts; as well as a few new mechanics for Houses of the Blooded.

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