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In honor of Halloween, I’m happy to announce that Rain of Ash is going on sale at Smashwords! You can purchase the book here, and when prompted, enter the coupon code ‘TG27W’ for 50% off! That makes the total cost…
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IndieCade – Sunday My final day at IndieCade! I arrived in time to catch the panel on misogyny in the industry. This was less a panel than a community group discussion about the problem(s) and possible ways to fix it. There…
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Day 2 of IndieCade – Saturday!  The night before, the Sleep Fairy decided she wanted to take her own sweet time getting to me, so I got to experience this day of the festival through the filter of sleep deprivation (made…
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I have just returned from a fabulous three days of celebrating indie games by attending IndieCade! This is a festival dedicated not only to indie video/digital games, but also exploring what a game is, what it means and pushing the…
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So, Rain of Ash has been out for a week so far! It’s been a pretty awesome week! I’ve made some respectable sales, and currently have five stars at Goodreads! Stolen-Fire has launched, and I’ve even gotten some new business…
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Hello newcomers! This site is still under construction, please bear with any coming changes!

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In Greek myth, Prometheus was the Titan who always had humanity’s back. He tricked Zeus into accepting the less-delicious parts of animal sacrifices so humans could eat the better, more nutritious bits. His greatest act, however, was stealing fire. Despite…
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