Hello, and welcome to Stolen Fire!

Stolen Fire is a website dedicated to my work in transmedia.

What’s transmedia?

And why call the website Stolen Fire?

It’s an homage to my favorite Greek myth, that of Prometheus. Prometheus was a Titan, a precusor to the divinities of Olympus, who always had humanity’s back. His first trick was getting Zeus to accept animal offal as a sacrifice, leaving the more nutritious and tasty parts of the animal to people. However, that was just a prelude to his greatest act: stealing fire from the gods.He defied Zeus and the entire pantheon, breaking into Olympus to steal a sacred brand and deliver it to the shivering, huddled masses. Thus did humanity gain a way to cook their food, to forge raw ore into useful tools, a place to gather round and tell each other stories.

As you might imagine (and please do!), this stolenĀ fire symbolizes many things; I think of it as representing both creativity and technology. And so I can think of no greater symbol to represent telling stories using a variety of new technologies.

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